eva longoria red carpet 325 nc 'Ready for Love': Eva Longoria pursued reluctant bachelors

Eva Longoria knows three men who are “Ready for Love.”
The “Desperate Housewives” alum is an executive producer of the unscripted NBC show that premieres Tuesday, April 9. As Giuliana and Bill Rancic host, each of the bachelors — Tim Lopez of music’s Plain White T’s, plus a financier and an entrepreneur — is coached by a relationship expert in selecting one of the four women presented to each man.
“I’ve been producing for four or five years,” Longoria tells Zap2it. “It’s definitely exciting to be behind the camera. I like putting pieces together, and I’ve always been a fan of dating shows, but I’d kind of gotten burned out on them because I thought they weren’t reflecting how people date today. That’s done through the Internet and matchmakers, so we’re incorporating a lot of things into the show that contemporize that space in TV.”
Longoria believes such programs as ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are “very, very produced, and I definitely wanted to put my name on something that was a little more authentic. I didn’t want people who want to be reality stars.
“The three guys we picked, we had to really get them to come on. They were all skeptical of a reality show that has to do with dating, but that’s who I want … someone who is in it not because they want exposure and fame but because they actually think the process might work. And they’ve exhausted everything else, so why not?”
Having the stars of “Giuliana & Bill” on board helps, in Longoria’s view. She reports, “When their names were thrown into the hat, we were like, ‘That is genius!’ They’re really funny, and they bring this element of banter to the show that just makes you laugh at the whole institution of marriage.”
Back to her usual business after co-chairing January’s presidential inauguration, Longoria vows “Ready for Love” works: “We are confident in this format. It will not disappoint in the way other shows have.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin