After months of not speaking to each other, Kim and Kyle Richards finally meet face-to-face. Their rocky relationship was the huge elephant in the room in nearly every episode. Kim’s absence on the show was felt every time, often causing Kyle to take a moment to cry on camera.

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In Tuesday’s (March 1) episode, it’s Kim’s birthday and Kyle is having a hard time being on such bad terms with her older sibling. Coincidentally enough, Kyle’s decision to attend a gathering hosted by David and Yolanda Foster remind her of family.

The Fosters have a surprise guest at their dinner party — renowned tenor, Andrea Bocelli.  He ends up singing “Ave Maria,” Kyle’s mother’s favorite song. Remembering that her mother always said she would leave her little signs, the starlet comes to the belief that this was one of them.

Ultimately, she decides to swallow her pride and surprise Kim at her birthday party. The two talk and cry, and then talk some more.

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Bravo cuts to a montage of the siblings’ onscreen fights which covers everything from Kim’s drinking to Kyle’s absence in her time of need. Kyle notes that Kim’s substance abuse has been a strain on their relationship. However, she decides that they were both ultimately responsible this time around.

The younger sister also reflects that their fighting gets longer and longer as the years go on. Initially ignoring each other for one month at a time has escalated to Kim only seeing her sister a couple of times in an entire year.

Will their relationship get back to where it was or will the two continue to follow their usual pattern? Find out as the drama continues when “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” returns Tuesday, March 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes