The big twist for Season 31 of “The Real World” is to incorporate challenges for which cast members can get voted off or sent home for not completing assigned tasks. So, it seems strange that on Thursday night (May 12), “Go Big or Go Home” introduced a new roommate even though nobody go kicked off.

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Meet Dylan Moore, a stripper from Boston who has moved into the Las Vegas penthouse for no apparent reason other than the show’s producers thinking, “Why not?” It’s curious as to why the show has suddenly veered from its own set rules, but hey — this is an MTV reality show we’re discussing.

Dylan 'Real World Go Big or Go Home'

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Our best guess is that Dylan was brought in because Jenna desperately needs an ally in the house. Chris previous told Zap2it about a long spell that cameras didn’t catch involving the roommates ignoring the outspoken, and offensively naive, southern belle. It’s easy to see how difficult it’d be for MTV to keep editing that situation to make it compelling TV, but still …

If someone had been kicked off or sent home, then Dylan’s sudden appearance —  and budding romance with Jenna — seem way less like a strategic placement by the showrunners. But for viewers, it just looks like we’ve been forced to get to know a new cast member whose thick Bostonian accent, large stature and no-craps given attitude comes off like poor man’s version of MTV reality veteran, CT.

Jenna from 'The Real World'

The timing of it all is very suspect. Dylan arrives and the very next day, Jenna gets dumped via e-mail. Of course, the day after that, Dylan breaks up with his girl he has back home, after strategically making out with Kailah.

Yeah … he first makes out with Kailah. But Jenna explains that this is his attempt to make her jealous. The Best part? It totally works and Jenna soon calls home to brag: “He’s practically in love with me.”

This fast track romance leaves all the other roommates in the house flabbergasted. At some point, Dylan will discover that Jenna’s a racist homophobe, but it’s not apparently clear if he will care. Dylan thinks Jenna is hot, and he seems like the type of guy for which that trumps all else

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At least, MTV didn’t ask any one of Dione’s obnoxious “carny” friends to stick around. Audiences met all of Dione’s homies with ridiculous nicknames during their weekend visit, including his now ex- girlfriend, Amanda Please.

Amanda Please 'Real World'

Amanda, who’s last name can’t possibly be Please, is a hot mess of a human being, and fiercely thirsty for her 10 minutes of fame. She starts fights for no reason and has obnoxiously loud sex with Dione while all the roommates are in the next room. Like Dylan and Jenna’s newfound love, none of Amanda’s actions seem even faintly genuine.

Perhaps, Dylan was brought on the show so that he and Jenna can give the show a reality TV moment boner by having a quintessential Las Vegas quickie wedding during the series’ run. After-all this is MTV … in Las Vegas! This type of forced occasion would be right on brand for the long-running series.

“The Real World: Go Big or Go Home” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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