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Zap2it: Why is a jackass like “Veep’s” Dan so successful, do you think?
Reid Scott: People like him are necessary tools in Washington — and that’s kind of funny, because Dan is a tool. He comes to this job with a very special skill set, namely that he’s a [jerk], so he can [do the mean and shady things] Selina doesn’t want to do herself.

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Zap2it: Are you interested in politics?
Reid Scott: As a layperson, I consider myself fairly well-educated in terms of politics. My family always has been really interested in politics, and various members of my family have a hand in politics in upstate New York. As I’ve gotten older, I enjoy joining the conversation with my family and friends about politics, and over the years I have made some friends who just happen to be in politics.

You have a pit bull. Any thoughts on the breed?
Reid Scott: Bella is just so sweet that I started to really take it personally when I would hear people bad-mouth that breed. I started digging to see where all these rumors came from, and they are just completely man-made. They were the original American family dog until they were supplanted by the Lab. People tend to forget that the RCA dog is a pit bull, and the “Little Rascals” dog is a pit. In England, before they were banned, their nickname was the nanny dog because they would sort of herd the kids. They’re incredibly smart, incredibly loyal and very eager to please.

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Posted by:John Crook