reign leith greer jonathan keltz 'The door is always open' for Leith and Greer on 'Reign,' says Jonathan KeltzNow that Mary and Francis are (sometimes) happily married on “Reign,” the show’s star-crossed couple — currently torn apart — is lady in waiting Greer and former servant Leith. But although Greer is engaged to someone else, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for the former lovers.

“I would say, as Leith, the door is always open,” Jonathan Keltz tells Zap2it of his character’s love for his ex-girlfriend. “They’re young. I don’t think I’m the kind of guy to give up, so we’ll see what happens and what the season has in store.”

But is it possible for the couple to reunite? “I think it’s tricky,” Keltz says. “They’re so back and forth themselves. There’s so much pull and there’s so much love but there’s also so much frustration. Everything keeps separating us.”

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It’s easy to understand why Greer is engaged to Castleroy — financial security for her family and herself is at the top of the list — but it’s clear she’s still trying to convince herself she’s making the right decision.

“For her, the juxtaposition of security and passion is difficult,” Keltz says. “She is doing everything she can to make this engagement — which she believes to be the best for herself and for her family — something she loves, something she’s really got her heart into.”

Something might stand in the way, though, when a secret about Greer’s fiance is uncovered in Thursday’s (Oct. 30) episode.

“It’s not like this guy has been murdering his wives or something like that,” Keltz says. “The secret deals with how who he is as a man going to affect their engagement and their lives going forward, and whether or not he truly is a secure and safe choice, or whether or not being engaged to him is going to maybe even put her life in jeopardy.”

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“Blood for Blood” will also be monumental in terms of the religious unrest happening outside of the castle walls, Keltz says.

“This episode is a huge catalyst and motivator for the rest of the season in the sense that this is when the tension between the Catholic majority and the rising number of Protestants begins to come to a head. There are some things we find out about all the parties.”

Keltz continues, “It’s about what line will the royals be on what line will the nobles be on and where will the commoners fall in all of this? Who’s safe and being protected? Will there be peace or will it just be a slaughter and an absolute disaster? It ends up carrying through the next number of episodes and then throughout the season.”

“Reign” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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