megan follows reign the cw newscom 325 'Reign's' Megan Follows: 'Francis is long for the show but not long for the world'Zap2it: How do you like playing the “wicked” Queen Catherine of France on “Reign” — or is she so wicked?

Megan Follows: I like it. It depends on your definition of wicked. She’s a great part. She’s powerful, and often when women are in powerful positions, they’re called “wicked.” She has to do a lot of surviving and negotiating to maintain her position.

Zap2it: History tells us that her son Francis (Toby Regbo) eventually assumes the throne, but as the show begins, that hasn’t happened yet. How much of Catherine’s future depends on having a son as king?

Megan Follows: That is her only future, her relationship to being the mother of the king, because being the wife of a king has not really guaranteed her any security.

Zap2it: Her husband, King Henry II, isn’t exactly a model spouse, so what kind of a marriage did they have?

Megan Follows: No, he’s not, although they had eight children, so obviously, whatever they were, they were occasionally getting together. Something was working. Three of her sons were on the throne of France. She got herself strategically placed as queen consort, and that title kept her from being disposed of or turned out. She outlived her husband and most of her sons, if not all of them.

Zap2it: History also tells us that young Francis eventually weds Mary, Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane), but his life is cut short. How does that figure into the timeline of the show?

Megan Follows: He’s long for the show but not long for the world.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare