Trying to figure out who will win “The Bachelor” is a fun game, but it’s a complicated one.

There are two main reasons: One, because the idea that any woman “winning” because a man picks her for marriage is an archaic and gross concept, and two, because no one really wants the surprise spoiled for them. Regardless, every season fans dig deep into the contestants’ social media accounts with their Inspector Gadget lenses on, scanning for a telling hint of who might get that final rose.

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You could call Season 21 of “The Bachelor,” “The Corrine Show.” Nick Viall has proven he’s not a changed man, still a total douchebag — and yet is getting the spotlight stripped from him at every turn by a 24-year-old daddy’s girl, named Corrine.

We have to give this girl a round of applause — not since Chad has there been a contestant to completely dominate the social headlines, and so eclipse the series’ star.

Now, speculation that Corrine — “oops!” — took a picture while wearing her “winning” engagement ring have fans freaking out.

Does that mean Nick picks this season’s villain to be his future bride?

Relax, “Bachelor” fans. The answer is no. Absolutely not.

Let’s first take into account the woman who posted the photo of Corrine wearing that huge sparkler on that particular finger, Claudia Oshry. She’s famously known on Instagram as @girlwithnojob, and she’s the “friend” who posted it. Her bio reads “My dream job is not having one.” Suffice to say these so-called BFFs have a fair bit in common.

Oshry gained fame and fortune though social media. She does little more than post funny memes on Instagram, and chalk it up to right time/ right place, and this is now her full-time job. And she’s making boatloads of money! Posting a photo with the current “Bachelor” It Girl would’ve been buzzy enough to garner a good amount of new followers…

But to post a photo where it looks like she’s engaged? CALL 911. THE TRAFFIC WILL BE INSANE.

platinum vagine gif Relax, Bachelor fans: Corrine is not the one & never will be

See? Just another day at the office. But here’s the thing: “Bachelor” producers are ridiculously strict about spoilers. They would never ever let this picture stay up if it was real. What they would do is let Oshry keep the photo up — if, let’s say, it got enough people talking about the show, and thus tuning in on Monday nights.

Ratings for Nick’s season aren’t great. Maybe they needed a boost from Oshry and her  2.4. million followers.

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There are a few other scenarios which may explain how this picture came to be. Oshry herself recently became engaged — maybe Corrine asked to try her ring on, and they snapped the photo then. But even still, these women are so social media thirsty savvy, there’s no way this photo getting posted was an innocent mistake: Speculation and attention was their intent. This kind of rumor and rabid attention is a win/win for both of them.

Corrine doesn’t need a man — other than, apparently, her daddy — to get a big fat diamond ring. In fact, after combing through Instagram, in creepy bit of synchronicity, it looks like her actual father has already given her a rose, too.

Corrine is the Paris Hilton of “The Bachelor.” She claims to work hard running her father’s business, but one look at her Instagram and it’s clear the wannabe model doesn’t even know where her family’s offices are located. And that’s not misogyny: She’s a Coachella-going, selfie-loving party girl who seems to live only in exotic vacation locales, while posting intense amounts of half-dressed pictures at each place.

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Peace 2016 ☄️

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Corrine is the girl who wears a tiara on her birthday and celebrates for the entire month. That’s not a wifey, that’s a baby-lady.


She’s easily unlikable on “The Bachelor,” but she doesn’t care: Like Chad, she’s the person audiences love to hate, and she clearly can’t get a handle on the difference between good and bad attention. She has no shame, and there are zero boundaries for what she’ll do for more attention: Basically, a reality producer’s dream contestant:

Do you think there was a cold bottle of Reddi Whip just sitting by the rose ceremony table last week? No way. But they tossed her a can, and she went for it.

corrine getting whipe cream ready gif Relax, Bachelor fans: Corrine is not the one & never will be

In fact, she’ll probably bank from that moment and others just like it. We wouldn’t be surprised to see her starring in a whip cream commercial after this cycle ends.

Corrine wants the one thing her Daddy’s money can’t buy: Fame. And she wants to earn it by doing nothing of value. So hats off to ya, lady. You’re very much winning — absolutely crushing it — at this silly game. And for viewers already tired of her bratty antics, we’re sorry to say that while she won’t win, for ratings’ sake she’ll definitely be sticking around until at least the Final Four. Settle in.

“The Bachelor” airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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