marty bellamy omar epps resurrection 'Resurrection' finale: Should there be a Season 3?

The below contains serious spoilers for the “Resurrection” Season 2 finale. If you have not seen the episode, do not read further. 

“Resurrection” began with an intriguing premise of what happens when our loved ones come back from the dead. Over two seasons the show has followed “the returned” — as the formerly dead are called — as they came back, became targets of the normal folks in town and now in Season 2 started to try and figure out the secret to their existence. 
However, the show has struggled with ratings in its sophomore season and since ABC hasn’t announced official plans for a Season 3 its classified as “on the bubble” — a show that could potentially be canceled before coming back for a third season. 
In the Season 2 finale, Agent Bellamy (Omar Epps), Henry (Kurtwood Smith) and co. must protect Rachael (Kathleen Munroe) and her baby from Preacher James (Jim Parrack) and Margaret (Michelle Fairley) who are convinced that the unborn child is a “dark soul.” When they aren’t successful in making Rachael and the baby disappear, the rest of the returned stop following them. 
In a small time jump, Agent Bellamy becomes the head of a new government agency that helps newly returned transition to their life back on Earth. As predicted, with Rachael’s baby being born the returned start popping up all over the world — which means there are so many more to help adjust and the mission to make the rest of the world accept their loved ones as equals is never ending. While the returned aren’t being rounded up or quarantined anymore, there’s still laws that make them less than equal to their human counterparts. The returned have become a rather adequate metaphor for minorities fighting for civil rights. 
Though not a perfect world, that would have made for a neatly wrapped ending to the series. However, the big twist came in the final moments of the episode. Rachael puts her baby down to sleep for the night, but as she walks out of the room a swarm of locusts begin flying directly into the closed window of the baby’s bedroom. So much for Bellamy’s theory that it’s a “normal baby boy.” The question remains though — is the baby a “dark soul” or sent from God? 
More importantly — would you tune in to a Season 3 to find out? 
Posted by:Megan Vick