frances fisher resurrection unearth abc 'Resurrection's' Frances Fisher: Lucille 'is a simple woman who believes in miracles'Frances Fisher pauses to light a cigarette and consider the fragility of her latest character, Lucille, on ABC’s “Resurrection.” Fisher has been spending a lot of time lately thinking about this woman and the unreal situation in which she finds herself.

As an actress who has done scores of plays in between movies and TV, Fisher brings a master’s approach to the role.
“I love the rehearsal process of theater and you try to learn how to build a character and make choices that are unusual,” she tells Zap2it in the courtyard of a hotel in Pasadena, Calif. “It took me many years to get comfortable on camera. Being truthful in character is always the bottom line, but how you get there is different.”
“Landon [Gimenez], who plays my son, didn’t have much experience but is wonderful,” she says. “He has no bad habits.”
On the show, Landon’s character, Jake, drowned as a boy, and his parents have since mourned their lost son. He returns — exactly as he was — 32 years later, and no one knows why. Lucille simply accepts this as a miracle and embraces him.
“She’s a small-town woman with big faith and is resolute,” Fisher says. “And when she makes a decision, she is resolute and protective of her son. She lost him once. She will not lose him again. She is a simple woman who believes in miracles. I created a character back story for her as I do with all my characters. Maybe the audience doesn’t know, specifically, but I think it’s needed.”
Fisher says she hopes that this show creates such a fan base that it will be eight seasons before the cast and crew celebrate a wrap party “after a great run of a very successful series that has moved people,” she says. “I want to see Landon go on his first date.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler