Madeleine Stowe as Victoria on Revenge.
“Wait, what just happened?” is a question many people are probably asking themselves after Sunday’s (May 10) series finale of “Revenge.” Why? Because it revealed a lot of jaw-dropping secrets, some of which were pretty confusing for fans of the ABC drama.

One of the biggest questions is, did Victoria actually have sex with her own father? And if so, who exactly is her father? And, more importantly, why was her mom OK with that happening? 

In the disturbing scene, Victoria’s dying mother hints that the man her daughter “seduced” was her father. The thing is, it wasn’t explicitly said, which means it wasn’t just casual viewers who were confused by the admission; die-hard fans were also bewildered by the whole Victoria-slept-with-her-dad thing.

Victoria’s accidental indiscretion wasn’t the only point of contention in the finale — there were also a few other head tilts that came from the episode. Take a look below to see what questions “Revenge” fans might have for the writers and actors of the show. 

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Why did Nolan let the hit woman stab his hand?

That crazy hit woman showed up at Nolan’s and stabbed his hand. But, this is the weird part, he seemed completely prepared for it. If he knew she was going to stab him, why did he let her do it in the first place? And why did Margaux call the hit woman over if she was just going to turn herself in?

How far in the future was the time jump?

From the looks of Twitter, a lot of fans were confused about the flash-forward, which makes sense considering before the commercial Victoria and Emily were lying in a pool of blood and after the commercial, Emily was enjoying the snow with her father on a porch.

Does Emily have Victoria’s heart now, or was that really just a dream?

One of the most shocking moments of the entire episode was Charlotte telling a doctor to never tell Emily that her new heart belonged to Victoria. However, all of the sudden Emily wakes up on boat with Jack and says it was just a dream. The question is, was it really just a dream or is Emily living because Victoria’s evil heart is pumping her blood? Fans might never know.

Posted by:Casey Rackham