You’d think that if you love two different franchises, combining them would yield the ultimate entertainment experience. But it’s actually more difficult than it seems — and if you disagree with that statement, go rent “Alien vs. Predator.”

YouTuber UpIsNotJump, however, has struck gold with an idea to use “Fallout 4” mods to recreate the best moments from “Rick and Morty.” Never before has the end of the civilized world been so funny (sorry, Seth Rogen).

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Above is a video that focuses on Season 1 and below is Season 2. The creator promises Season 3 will be coming, as soon as Adult Swim airs it later this year.

As it turns out, mixing the doomsday nihilism of “Fallout” with the absurdity of the Justin Roiland/Dan Harmon show, is as delicious a combination as chocolate and peanut butter. From dance scenes to the Real Fake Doors ad, the videos are nearly as awesome as Mr. Goldenfold’s dream version of Mrs. Pancakes’ dream version of a centaur’s dream.

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