gervais underwear Ricky Gervais responds: Unfazed and almost nakedAfter enduring an entire day of mixed media reception for his Golden Globes hosting gig — including a pretty stern assessment from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association — Ricky Gervais opens up about his controversial gig.

“Everyone took it well and the atmosphere backstage and at the after show was great,” Gervais says in a statement, posted by The Hollywood Reporter

He also says that the hour gap when he wasn’t on stage — in which many speculated that he was either being yelled at or quietly murdered in an alley behind the Beverly Hilton — was planned from the start.

“I did every single introduction I was meant to,” he said. “There just happened to be a long gap. This is because I was allowed to choose who I would introduce in advance. I obviously chose presenters who I had the best jokes for. (And who I knew had a good sense of humor).”

Offering further proof that he survived the night, the comedian snapped the above picture for Ellen DeGeneres. Anyone wondering if he’s still qualified to make fat jokes need only look at him wearing the pair of golden undies she presented him with on her show the week before the awards. We’d say he’s earned it.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell