The dark cloud over "Riverdale" got a bit darker in episode two with the apparent arrest of Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) in connection to the death of her brother Jason (Trevor Stines). She even declared before her entire class at Riverdale High that she was guilty.

What exactly was she confessing to? Killing her brother? As the episode came to a close, narrator Jughead (Cole Sprouse) revealed that Jason Blossom did not die on the 4th of July as previously believed. In fact, he was killed by a bullet to the head a week later, though Cheryl claimed he drowned when their boat flipped over the morning of July 4.

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What we don't know is exactly what did happen with the Blossom twins that morning.

Still, someone shot a gun that morning, and there's proof -- it interrupted a very inappropriate extracurricular study session between Archie (KJ Apa) and Miss Grundy (Sarah Habel) on the shores of Sweetwater River. The person who fired it, and its intended target remain a mystery -- but certainly don't cast a great light on whatever Cheryl is pleading to.

Given that it's clear she was at Sweetwater River that morning, was she the one firing the bullet? Was Jason there with her? These are the questions that remain as viewers seek to figure out what Cheryl is confessing to and, of course, who killed her brother.

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Given the strangely close relationship between the two, there are bound to be secrets aplenty that will eventually be spilled between them. Does one of them include murder? Could they have killed -- or attempted to kill -- someone else? Then again, maybe it was a solo act. Perhaps Cheryl attempted to kill her brother a week before but was unsuccessful.

What would make her turn on the person she loved most? His connection to Polly Cooper likely didn't sit well. Given how linked the twins were, it wouldn't be surprising for Cheryl to view Polly as an interloper filling up the time she used to have with her brother.

If he confided in her that he was going to visit a currently institutionalized Polly, who's to say she wouldn't take matters into her own hands?

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The simple beauty of "Riverdale" is there is no clear answer. There's an endless list of things Cheryl could be confessing to. Whatever the case, don't expect her to be confessing to Jason's murder. At least, not yet. After all, this is only episode 2.


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