For those of you holding your breath for "Riverdale" to reveal what caused the rift in Archie (KJ Apa) and Jughead's (Cole Sprouse) friendship, you're in for a long wait. According to Sprouse, that's not a mystery that will be solved in the first season of the series -- and it's his one regret about the first 13 episodes.

Screener joined a handful of other outlets on a visit to the set of "Riverdale's" Season 1 finale to speak with Sprouse about the legendary comic book friendship, and how it will develop throughout the rest of the season.

"To be quite honest, after filming 13 episodes I wish Archie and Jughead would have gotten a little more time together," Sprouse says. "Because I think fans really love and resonate with the scenes between Jughead and Archie, because they're these two best friends who have always been there."

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Unfortunately, with so much happening in the first season, there simply hasn't been the time to develop exactly what that friendship means within the confines of the show.

"I think the writers are still trying to figure out how to write Jughead and Archie, to be honest," explains Sprouse. "The female narratives on this show are so powerful that oftentimes the Jughead and Archie narratives get sort of put to the side. Which, to me, is a little disappointing -- because KJ and I are such good friends, and have this kind of chemistry on- and off-screen that people are going to love."

Sprouse has high hopes for Archie and Jugs in a potential Season 2, though.

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"Here's hoping for a Season 2 in which we can really explore Jughead and Archie in a much more impactful way because I have a feeling that's going to be one of the main criticisms of this season -- that people didn't see enough of the male camaraderie and we saw a lot of the female narrative of this show," he says. "Which is fine! Because our actresses are so f***ing talented that it's very pleasing to watch -- but I would like to see more stuff with Jughead and Archie."

He's not alone. The friendship between Archie and Jughead may be a foregone conclusion in the "Archie" comics universe, but it's one many of us tuning into "Riverdale" are dying to see unfold on the screen. Should the series be renewed, the actor had some idea of how it might develop.

"I think, to me, Jughead is that friend to Archie -- in episode 2 you really see it -- [that] has the ability to tell him the hard truth -- and that's the kind of friend I would personally want to have," Sprouse says.

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"Riverdale" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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