Clearly "Riverdale" is open to playing around with different genres -- as evidenced by Cheryl's (Madelaine Petsch) dreams of a zombie Jason (Trevor Stines) -- but our hats are off to the show for taking it further this week (Mar. 9) than we could have imagined.

In a dream of his own, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) imagines a world very similar to the classic "Archie" comics many grew up reading. From the paper crown, to Archie's bow tie -- everything in the sequence had such a wonderfully strange vibe, down to Veronica (Camila Mendes), Betty (Lili Reinhart) and her mom (Madchen Amick) going positively "Stepford Wives."

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For Sprouse, that particular scene was something truly special.

"I love that sequence," he admits in a group interview. "I love those costumes. That's my favorite episode actually, because of that sequence."

"I think the idea behind that was there was this sort of perfect parallel universe that existed, with 'Archie Digest' and 'Archie' comics -- which we're so not, narratively," the actor continues. "We could poke fun at that, in a way, through a dream sequence."

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It also gives a rare glimpse inside the mind of Jughead, by far the most mysterious of "Riverdale's" characters. Given what's developed with him over the past two episodes -- including his new romance with Betty -- seeing how he processes everything gives us interesting insight into the mind of this show's narrator.

"It ends up being a reflection of Jughead's underlying psyche, and sort of a wish-fulfillment and what he may end up wanting and fearing," Sprouse explains. "It kind of becomes a really short and powerful sequence that describes Jughead in totality. I just love that sequence so much!"

Clearly at least some of Jughead's fear has to do with how Archie (KJ Apa) will react to his getting closer to Betty. While on the surface Archie's playing it cool, it's hard to imagine this sitting well with him deep down. It should be interesting to see how that plays out.

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In the meantime, though, we are anxiously awaiting Sprouse sharing one particular candid photo from the set.

"I had tried on [Polly's] pregnancy belly while in that Jughead outfit. There's this horrifying shot of me with this distended stomach, in this classic Jughead uniform," he says. "There's part of me that thinks that's the Jughead people want to see -- this gluttonous, disgusting-looking Jughead."

Sign us up, "Riverdale." We want to see that version of Jughead at least once.

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