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Poison frontman Bret Michaels says he’s logged over three million miles in a host of rolling homes — from the cozy Winnebagos of his Butler, Pa., youth to the most luxurious Prevost tour buses of his days as a rock star. In fact, the open-road lifestyle is so much a part of Michaels’ DNA that if you hope to get an offstage glimpse at him when he tours your town, don’t look in the lobbies of luxury inns.
“When all my other band mates stay at hotels on our days off, I actually stay [on the bus] at the big amphitheaters or arenas, or I go out to the state parks or other places and have an absolutely great time — and then I come in for the shows,” Michaels, star of the Travel Channel series “Rock My RV With Bret Michaels,” premiering Sunday, May 26, tells Zap2it. The 16-episode series features a hands-on Michaels and his crack team of vehicle rehabbers transforming rundown RVs for a variety of owners who consider them an equally vital — and frequently poignant — part of their lives.
“The reveal we do is like no other,” he says. “It’s explosive. There’s pyro. We do this big Kabuki drop, and their faces when they see it is pretty awesome.”
Michaels says that he and his cohorts looked to international vehicles as inspiration for some their more dazzling upgrades.
“Here in the United States, they’ve never been done before — and it’s still legal!” he says. “We found a way to make it work and make it safe.”
Making it work is the mantra for the self-proclaimed “drealist” — that’s part dreamer, part realist — who is proud that the products and projects in which he’s invested are accessible to everyone.
“I am a ‘sweat the details’ guy, but my dream was to be creative and turn it into something,” Michaels says. “In my life, there is blood on every dollar. But the harder I work, the luckier I get!”
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