James Corden's carpool karaoke just upped its cool factor by 20 with an edition starring rock legend Rod Stewart and rapper ASAP Rocky.

Stewart is the main attraction, starting things off with "The First Cut Is the Deepest." But when he and the "Late Late Show" host move on to "Everyday" and that's when ASAP hops in the car for some rapping. Corden declares this the coolest day of his entire life and he may be right.

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But that's not even the best part. During the ride, Stewart confesses the following things. First, that he and his band Faces were banned from Holiday Inns in the '70s after trashing a hotel room, so after that, they checked in as "Fleetwood Mac," which is awesome and hilarious. Secondly, Stewart's hair is totally real and he lets Corden run his fingers through it. Then Stewart grabs Corden's crotch. As one does.

Finally, the rocker reveals he lost his virginity at 15 years old to an older girl who was the inspiration for the song "Maggie Mae." Frankly, it would be disappointing if the story was anything else.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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