dwayne johnson roman reigns wwe Roman Reigns wins the 'Royal Rumble,' but not even The Rock can save him from fan backlash

Roman Reigns is heading to the main event of “WrestleMania 31” after winning the 2015 “Royal Rumble” match. it wasn’t a happy moment for many in attendance, though. Most of the match was met with a chorus boos that even a special appearance by The Rock — who congratulated his real-life cousin — couldn’t stop.
It all started when Daniel Bryan was eliminated early in the match. Among fans, he was considered a favorite to win. Once he was taken out, fans began chanting his name, “bulls***” and booing loudly as possible. It’s a situation similar to the 2014 “Royal Rumble,” which saw Batista and Reigns as the last two men in the match. At that time, the fans were mad that Bryan wasn’t included at all. The backlash led to Bryan being included in the “WrestleMania 30” main event, which he won.
Now, Reigns heads to “WrestleMania 31” to fight Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on March 29. Meanwhile, Bryan has seemingly no direction for the time being.
Sadly, the crowd’s reaction overshadowed a couple surprise returns. While seeing DDP again was nice, it was the appearance by Bubba Ray Dudley that mattered. After leaving TNA — where he arguably had the best singles run of his career — Dudley looks like he’s back in WWE. Whether his longtime tag team partner D-Von Dudley is also coming back remains to be seen.
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