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If “Rookie Blue” wanted to revisit what being a brand-new cop is all about, Priscilla Faia’s portrayal of Chloe Price is filling the bill.
Chloe actually had eight months on the job already when she transferred to 15 Division at the start of Season 4 of ABC’s Thursday police drama, but she’s still enough of a novice — with her relative inexperience matched by an unfiltered enthusiasm — that the show can dial back to where it began, while continuing the stories of such now-familiar officers as Andy McNally and Dov Epstein (Missy Peregrym, Gregory Smith).
“I’m a big ‘Rookie Blue’ fan, and I was before [starting to work on] the show, so it’s great,” the abundantly friendly Faia tells Zap2it.
“I have to say that the writers have done such an incredible job this season. There’s so much happening. It’s such a large cast; I mean, we have 14 regular cast members, so it’s quite the task to give everybody their own stories while still maintaining the excitement with all of them.”

For Chloe, that excitement partially has involved her budding relationship with Dov, which has been straddling a thin line between the personal and the professional.
Faia cites that as “the best part” of playing her character, “getting to work with Greg. He’s so talented and so great, and he was so supportive and helpful to me.

“The first scene I ever filmed on the show was of us walking out to the [patrol] car, and it was a little bit nerve-racking. You’re working with a crew that’s been together for years, and you put your uniform on and it’s like, ‘OK. Let’s do this.’ “
Faia adds that she finds the connection between Chloe and Dov “really awesome. He’s rendered speechless by her, and I think that’s why she has her eye on him. He’s kind of a challenge.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin