gregory smith rookie blue gallery abc 325 'Rookie Blue's' Gregory Smith: 'Being scared is the best place to be for me'

For Gregory Smith, this year of “Rookie Blue” largely is about shots … taking them and calling them.
The “Everwood” alum is in his third year of ABC’s Canadian-made police drama, which has involved some very serious business for his novice cop character, the normally lighthearted Dov Epstein. He shot a young robbery suspect who later died; grieving and filled with guilt, he has been trying to make amends in any way possible.
“They’ve done an incredible job of continuing to reinvent the characters,” the quick-to-laugh Smith reflects in a chat on the show’s Toronto-area set. “That quote, ‘The only thing constant is change’? They’ve done a really good job of showing that here. Being scared is the best place to be for me. And I think that’s why I want to direct.”
Indeed, the current round of “Rookie Blue” — which already has landed the series a renewal for Season 4 — is significant in another way for Smith: He makes his directing debut with the episode slated to air Aug. 23. In preparation for it, he’s been allowed to guide scenes in some of the show’s other stories, and he gives his co-workers much credit for creating an atmosphere that’s made him comfortable in taking that step.
“I’ve been working toward it for a long time, so it’s a dream come true on a lot of levels,” Smith tells Zap2it, “getting the chance to direct at my age, and to do it in an environment that’s so supportive, with some of my best friends in the world now.
“But with that comes the fact that I’m terrified of letting everybody down,” he adds. “If I screw this up, I’m going to be living with it for a long time. It’s a very high-stakes situation.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin