rookie-blue-chris-diaz-gail-peck.jpgWhen you’re a rookie, you still have things to learn, as Travis Milne knows in his third season in.

The actor is continuing his role as Officer Chris Diaz on “Rookie Blue,” the Canadian-made police drama that has rejoined ABC’s Thursday lineup. As he gets more experience on the job, he’s dealing with a personal hurdle since his love interest — fellow officer Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan) — has temptation in the form of Nick Collins (Peter Mooney), the precinct’s new rookie from her past.
Chris had a dicey time with romance last season, too, when fellow cop Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith) also showed feelings for Gail. “Chris and Dov definitely went through one of the rockiest parts of their friendship,” the lively Milne confirms, “that was almost bound to happen when the best friend’s got a really great girl and the other guy is around her all the time. They can’t help but develop a relationship.
“It really could have blown up in their faces and ended the friendship,” Milne tells Zap2it, “had they been a little more immature or a little less understanding about it. In Season 3, the Gail-and-Chris drama definitely gets turned up a couple of notches.”
While he realizes it is indeed drama, and he is acting, Milne admits it can take some time emotionally to come down from portraying such intense personal moments.
“You go and you experience those scenes, then you get home and you’re still kind of heated up about the situation,” he reflects. “I don’t know if that’s from a little bit of Method acting, but I really feel for guys who have to go through that kind of thing on the job. What a tough situation.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin