rupert penry jones whitechapel red carpet 325 nc Rupert Penry Jones: 'Whitechapel' Season 3 changes its format

Zap2it: In Season 3 of BBC America’s “Whitechapel,” premiering Wednesday, March 28, you’re back as Detective Inspector Joseph Chandler, and you’re still in East London’s Whitechapel district, but are you and your team still chasing copycat killers?
Rupert Penry-Jones: The third one changes format slightly. It no longer becomes about copycat killings, which was a relief, because there are only a certain amount of copycats. So now what happens is Buchan, who’s the Ripperologist character, he gets brought in as a researcher, and he’s down in the basement, in the archives, with all the murders that have happened in the whole of the United Kingdom, at his fingertips on file.
We basically use everything that’s been in the past to help us with present-day scenarios. We look into the past and try to use it as a map to help us catch the killers this time.
It’s changed format from being one three-parter to being three two-parters, so it’s three different stories rather than being just the one story.
Zap2it: How is Chandler’s relationship with his partner, Detective Sergeant Miles (Phil Davis), evolving?
Rupert Penry-Jones: We part and come back together again. It transpires that even though Chandler is a loner and doesn’t have a family, he starts wanting to share his life with somebody, so he starts noticing the fairer sex in a way he never had before. He’s being pushed into dating by Miles. He goes on a couple of dates. By the third story, he actually finds somebody he really likes.
Posted by:Kate O'Hare