Ryan Gosling hosts 'SNL'

Ryan Gosling hosted “Saturday Night Live’ on Dec. 5, and while he almost broke character numerous times because he couldn’t contain his laughter, he was able to garner a few laughs on his own.

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During his opening monologue, Gosling was joined on stage with ‘SNL’ veteran, and fellow Canadian Mike Myers, to show off their home country pride with an homage song to Canada.

Portraying a couple that gets extremely aroused by the idea of meeting the man in the big red suit at a Christmas party, Gosling and cast member, Vanessa Bayer, can barely contain themselves in the video short, “Santa Baby.”

Overall, it was a lackluster episode. The funniest part of the night was a video which didn’t include Gosling at all, a fake Nespresso commercial parodying George Clooney and Danny Devito. Taram Killiam and Bobby Moynihan do a hilarious impression of the oddly-paired duo, with scene-stealer, Kate McKinnon, making a hot girl in a bear suit cameo.


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