sabrina brotherly love sister sister grounded for life composite 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,' 'Sister Sister' and other sitcoms The WB saved

The WB may be primarily known for its classic teen soap operas, but what may be less known about the network is that it saved a handful of classic sitcoms from a premature demise at the hands of other networks — including TGIF favorites “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Sister Sister.” 
Thanks to the WB’s always ambitious, if not always critically successful, comedy hour, fans were given extra seasons of some of their favorite shows. Do you remember what would have happened if these shows’ original networks had sent them off into the ether early? 
‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’

ABC canceled “Sabrina” after Season 4, which would have meant the series would have gone off the air with Harvey (Nate Richert) finding out that Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) is a witch and the rest of their relationship unknown. The WB picked up the show in 2000 and gave it three extra years — the Sabrina college years. While those last three seasons lacked important ingredients like Libby (Jenna Leigh Green) and Sabrina’s aunts it did allow fans to see Sabrina and Harvey finally ride off into the sunset together. 
‘Sister Sister’

“Sister Sister” benefited the most from The WB swooping in. If it had been up to ABC, the show would have gone away after only two seasons. The WB picked up the show in 1995 and kept it on the air for four additional seasons — that includes Roger’s infamous make-over, Tina and Ray getting together and the twins heading off to college. 
‘Brotherly Love’

The WB also gave Lawrence brother fanatics an extra season of their short lived comedy series. It was just enough dosage to help people deal with the withdrawal between Joey being on “Blossom” (1995) and Matt picking up a regular arc on “Boy Meets World.” (1997) The show was actually really adorable, with the three brothers running a mechanic shop and their baby brother Andy stirring up trouble. 
‘Grounded for Life’

The dysfunctional family comedy “Grounded for Life” would have said its goodbyes in 2003, WB gave it two extra seasons — which means that Lilly was able to graduate high school and the Finnerty family added baby Gracie to their lovable brood. 
‘For Your Love’

The Holly Robinson Peete comedy “For Your Love” would have a legacy of a first season flop on NBC, but it managed to find its niche on the WB. The show made it four additional seasons after being picked up in 1998. 
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