Tamzin Merchant, Ashley Madekwe, Janet Montgomery, Joe Doyle and Lucy Lawless on Salem

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Death.

The Season 2 finale of “Salem” truly outdid itself on Sunday (June 28) night. Death and murder have always been a large part of the series, but the last half of the finale was pretty much every character dying, then being brought back to life and then dying again. (What a lovely cycle.) However, there were three major witches that, as far as viewers can tell, remained dead.

The first witch on the cutting board is Tituba. Clearly enjoying his evil powers, John Jr. hands out punishments left and right to all of his witches. After biting off Mercy’s finger, he mercifully lets Tituba run into the distance so she can get as far away from Salem as possible. Unfortunately for her, John is not that forgiving of a boy, and as she’s trekking through the forest, he sends crows after her that peck her eyes out and leave her for dead. Ouch.

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The next two witches who find themselves looking death in the face (again) are — drumroll, please — the Countess and Mary Sibley, the two baddest witches around town. After finding out that the Countess attempted to murder his own mother, John Jr. stabs the German witch to death. (Of course, the Countess has come back to life before, so this might not be the end for her.)

As for Mary — who was released into the woods by Sebastian instead of killed — she finds her one true love, John Alden, dead amongst the leaves. Wanting to bring him back to life, she feeds him blood from her neck, the downside being that she sacrifices her life for his.

Now, with everyone’s lives up in the air — poor Cotton Mathers has a rat down his throat — it will be interesting to see whose faces show up next season. Given that “Salem” has brought back people from the dead before — hello there, Increase Mathers — who’s to say that Tituba, the Countess and Mary are dead for good?

Posted by:Casey Rackham