WGN America’s “Salem” is roaring back to life with its third season and now fans finally have an idea of when their favorite bewitching TV show will be back.

A teaser trailer for the upcoming season reveals that “Salem” will be returning with brand new episodes this fall during Halloween week. What WGN America doesn’t reveal is the exact date, but this information paired with the new trailer should get fans’ minds racing.

“History will say the devil was born in Salem,” the trailer begins before showing the dangers of witched to the town, while promising the arrival of the Witching Hour. Interestingly, among those seen on the trailer are Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), who seemingly died in the Season 2 finale. As you may know though, death isn’t always forever on “Salem.”

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Unfortunately, what the trailer doesn’t show is the latest addition to “Salem” — Marilyn Manson. The shock rocker joins as a guest star in Season 3, playing Thomas Dinley. His character is described as a barber and surgeon — “The go-to man in Salem, from a shave and a haircut to being leeched, bled, sliced open or sewn up.”

While you can’t see exactly what Manson is up to on the show just yet, take heart in the fact that “Salem” will be back later in the year.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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