sarah chalke red carpet 325 Sarah Chalke: From a non speaking, non singing tiger to living with her 'Parents'Zap2it: What was your first time ever onstage?

Sarah Chalke: We had to audition for musical theater. My sister and her best friend got in, and I didn’t. They said, “Natasha, we want you to play the lead.” And she said, “What about Sarah?” And they said, “We don’t want her.” And she hung up the phone. She was the princess, and I was in a tiger mask and wearing all black and moving side to side.

Zap2it: Was that the beginning of your career as an actress?

Sarah Chalke: I loved acting from a young age, but I didn’t do it professionally until I was about 16. It is a really hard thing for kids to go to a job, if they don’t feel like it. I feel lucky that I didn’t start doing it until later. I did musical theater. I loved musicals until I was told I cannot sing, and it is true — I can’t.

Zap2it: Once you were on a hit, “Roseanne,” you decided to attend college. How did you swing it?

Sarah Chalke: I kind of commuted during “Roseanne.” My best friend went to film school and wanted to produce. We packed up her trunk and got a six-month sublet. Two months in, I got “Scrubs.” And she is a producer.

Zap2it: As a mom on “How to Live With Your Parents,” what about your character, Polly, speaks to you?

Sarah Chalke: As a parent, you are given this perfect little nugget. How do I not screw this up? This intense love you are feeling, and it is like nothing you have ever experienced. He is 3 now, turned 3 on Christmas Eve. The other day he said to me, “Mama, you are my best friend.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler