It was only a matter of time and finally, Sarah Palin has turned the tables on Tina Fey.

John McCain’s former running mate, and current TV personality, took to the internet with a new video parodying both Fey and the Emmy-winning sitcom she starred in, “30 Rock.”

Titled, “31 Rock,” the story here follows Lynn Melon (Palin), who works as a New York City TV writer who fights the consistent battle of finding a balance between political correctness and her own conservative values.

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Growling at an un-festive Starbucks cup, Melon identifies her safe space before Kevin Brown reprises his role of Dot Com with a cameo to promote Palin’s new book “Sweet Freedom: A Devotional,” which Brown says is “a great reminder of the pressures of PC culture.”

Other cameos include Senator John McCain taking on the Jack Donaghy role and Senator Lindsey Graham doing his best Kenneth.

On the heels of Fey bringing her Palin impression back to “SNL,” it looks like the former Republican vice presidential candidate might have gotten the last laugh. Ball’s in your court, Tina!

“31 Rock” will (maybe) premiere next year.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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