Maybe it’s a good thing that CBS didn’t go forward with “Drew” — its take on an adult Nancy Drew starring “Person of Interest’s” Sarah Shahi.

During an appearance on the “Doug Loves Movies” podcast, Shahi herself was pretty clear about the pilot episode’s quality. “We did a pilot. It didn’t go,” she says. “It didn’t go and I’m very happy it didn’t go. It was not good.”

While that’s a big statement to make, Shahi didn’t go into details about what she didn’t like about the project’s outcome. However, she did have some thoughts about the pilot testing “too female.”

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“They said the reason they didn’t pick the show up was because it was too female,” she explains. “My response was like, ‘I don’t remember us talking about tampons and our, like, placentas and our cycles on the show.’ So I don’t know what was too female about it.”

While viewers may never get to see Shahi’s version of Nancy drew — unless it mysteriously leaks online somehow — it sounds like it’s better that way. Besides, now Shahi is free to move onto something bigger and better.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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