sarah silverman saturday night live host women Sarah Silverman stands up for women in her 'Saturday Night Live' monologueSarah Silverman just wants to make sure you appreciate yourself, okay? That was the message of the comedian’s monologue during her first time hosting “Saturday Night Live,” where she was a featured player in the ’90s.

It’s no secret that “SNL” is still shaking its boys’ club image even after Tina Fey’s successful six-year stint as head writer, which is why it is noteworthy that Silverman’s episode featured so many female-centric skits, including a poorly delivered tribute to Joan Rivers and multiple skits about complicated female relationships.

It was in Silverman’s monologue, however, that she truly shined — which shouldn’t be a surprise, considering as a standup she clearly is comfortable on stage. You know who wasn’t comfortable, despite the fact that Sarah Silverman was sitting on her lap giving her compliments? Lindsay (or Lindsey or Lyndsey or however she spells it), the lucky audience member on the receiving end of Silverman’s schtick.

What did you think of Silverman’s episode? What were the best and worst skits?

Posted by:Jean Bentley