matt passmore satisfaction usa network 'Satisfaction': Matt Passmore is redefining marriage with a 'postmodern love story'
Zap2it: What initially got you interested in starring in “Satisfaction”?
Matt Passmore: It was so interesting to go in and talk with [executive producer] Sean Jablonski when his first words were, “This is a postmodern love story.” That intrigued me, because straight away, it was very evident that this was not a story of despair. We weren’t going to just watch a marriage implode and sit there and think, “You guys would be so much happier away from each other.”
This is about what happens when two people are really made for each other, but get to a point where they have to redefine themselves and redefine each other. They just go about it in extraordinarily unorthodox ways.
Zap2it: How do you feel about the results of your new character Neil’s actions … such as telling off his boss, then getting a better position instead of getting fired?
Matt Passmore: I think that sums up the whole show, actually. It’s always “one step forward, one step back, one step sideways.” It slides all over the place, then there are these very interesting outcomes from actions that we might see as unorthodox on one end and amoral on the other end — but surprisingly positive aspects come out of some of these things.
Everything about the show is honest and raw, and it never judges. It’s not saying this is the way marriage should be, or what’s right or wrong. It is just saying, “Check out these two people in this situation. Sit back and watch, and see what happens.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin