There are certain names -- Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reeves -- that simply can't escape becoming clever, funny memes. One of those just happens to be hosting "Saturday Night Live" this week, so sure enough, Drake opened the show with a hilarious monologue that has him rapping about the pain of being a meme.

"Backstage, my friend showed me this meme he found online, and it really shook me," the Canadian hip-hop star explains. "It was me, dancing in my 'Hotline Bling' video. Some joker had put a caption on it that said 'When U farted and got away with it."

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"If I'm being real, it hurts," he says. "It's almost like, all I can do is sing about it."

Featuring lyrics like "I just want to scream/because I'm more than a meme," Drake's song also offered glimpses at a half-dozen  memes. One shows him in a wheelchair and reads: "Started in a wheelchair, now we here." Another has a picture of him asking "Are you gonna finish those fries?"

Drake on "Saturday Night Live" SOURCE: NBC

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Later, he turns the table on the audience, showing pictures of various people in the crowd and "Saturday Night Live" cast members with silly phrases around them. Then, to finish up the number, he dresses up as Rihanna -- which will most likely resort in a whole new Drake meme.

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