Kevin Hart hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the second time, and no doubt the movie industry’s recent diversity issues were destined to be the brunt of a lot of the night’s jokes. So it was no surprise when both Martin Luther King and the “Selma” Oscar snubs were brought up in the show’s cold open. 

Pete Davidson opened the show with a hilarious sketch featuring him as a student trying to wrap his head around Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. In the above clip, when he calls upon the powers that be for help, King (Kenan Thompson) appears, but he is slightly disturbed about the young man’s lack of knowledge about him. 
Davidson’s character admits to knowing three things about the legendary freedom fighter: He’s black, a great leader and, in today’s time, he owns a “bunch of boulevards.” 
The sketch hits its sweet spot when Davidson tries to explain that although not perfect, our great nation has come a long way since King’s time. “You had a huge influence on this country,” he explains to King. “There’s a big movie that came out this week about you. It’s called ‘Selma’ and it looks great … like historical.” 
Thompson’s King then gets super excited, asking, “I guess that one will be nominated for a lot of Oscars, right?” to which Davidson just sadly shakes his head. 
Following the cold open, Hart had the opportunity in the opening monologue to do what he does best: stand-up comedy. He seized the opportunity to joke about his recent engagement and domestic life, as well as promote his new movie “The Wedding Ringer.” The highlight definitely being his bit about a neighborhood raccoon on the loose. 
Additional high points of the episode include everything Sia does as musical guest, Kate McKinnon reprising her role as Justin Bieber — this time in a Calvin Klein ad — and Hart’s Bushwick buddies sketch with Thompson and Jay Pharoah.

Take a look below at the other sketches and bits from the show.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins