Over the last several months it's been whispered about, it's been rumored, it's been inferred ... and now "Saturday Night Live" has decided to just go right out and say it.

On the March 5 "SNL" hosted by Jonah Hill, the show premiered a campaign ad-spoof that seems to have a group of smiling, friendly people insisting that Donald Trump would make a great president. But the second half of the ad reveals some dark secrets about the speakers, followed by the tagline: Racists for Trump.

However you feel about the insinuation, there's one thing about the "ad" everyone can agree on: It's really funny.

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"The media's been saying some pretty negative things about Donald Trump," the voiceover begins. "But what are real Americans saying?"

One American, played by "SNL" favorite Taran Killam, says: "He's going to take our country from here ... to here." But as he raises his right arm to indicate, you can see his Nazi armband.

"He's not some cautious politician," adds another, played by Vanessa Bayer. "He says what I'm thinking."

As she delivers the line, Bayer reveals what she's been ironing all along: Some KKK robes. Is it funny, or did "SNL" go too far? As with so many classic bits, the important thing is that the show is pushing the envelope.

Posted by:Larry Carroll

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