It’s a shame how many hilarious sketches get tossed on the “Saturday Night Live” cutting room floor, so three cheers for the NBC show continually updating its YouTube series, “Cut for Time,” with bits that never made it to air. In this hilarious sketch, guest host Russell Crowe shines as the drunk coach of “The Bad News Bears,” a role the “Gladiator” star was clearly born to play.

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With a beer can in one hand, and a prop New York Times paper in the other, Crowe rambles through the most ridiculous and nonsensical speech to try and pump up his beleaguered team. After mistaking one of his boy players for being a girl, and then getting called out for somehow being totally unaware that there are actual girls on the “co-ed” team, Crowe moves on to discuss many of the players’ moms. And how he’s slept with all of them.

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Using “baseball terms,” Crowe tells one kid that his mother “loves to stay on third base,” and another that he likes to call that kid’s mother, “Babe Ruth,” because “she always points to where she wants the balls to go.”

Good job, coach! What an entirely inappropriate delight.

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