When “Saturday Night Live” announced that Peter Dinklage would host its April 2 episode, everyone knew a good “Game of Thrones” sketch was coming.

Dinklage immediately made it clear in his opening monologue he didn’t know if Jon Snow is alive or dead. “For those of you who don’t watch ‘Game of Thrones’ let’s get this out of the way: I have no idea if Jon Snow is really dead. I even have the new scripts, but if I’m not in the scene, Petey no read-y.”

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After a few hilarious sketches about space pants and inappropriately themed restaurants, fans finally got back to the “Game of Thrones” madness, when “SNL” put together a fake behind-the-scenes teaser for Season 6.

The teaser featured Dinklage as his character Tyrion and Kate Mckinnon as Daenerys, but the standout character of the short clip was actually Drogon, played by Bobby Moynihan.

In “SNL’s” version of the fantasy show, the dragons are not CGI creations, they are live-action, unitard-wearing actors in motion capture costumes much like Gollum from “Lord of the Rings” or Smaug from “The Hobbit.”

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Moynihan’s black full-body suit comes complete with wings and a tail, not to mention the lifelike dragon head perched a few feet on top of his own.

He does his best to stumble through scenes, getting in the actors’ way, creating lines for himself and generally making a joke of whatever behind-the-scenes interview is supposed to be the focus of the shot. He’s even got the ungodly squawking sound that Drogon makes down to an art.

“Game of Thrones” returns April 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO

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