saving my tomorrow hbo 'Saving My Tomorrow' proves that children are our future, let them lead the way

Anyone who fears the future of our world rests with iPod-wearing, smartphone-focused disaffected youth should watch HBO’s “Saving My Tomorrow” and listen to the words of 8-year-old New Jerseyite Hippocrates Polemis.
“Earth is our home. We have only one and if we mess this up … where do we go next? We don’t have another Earth right next to us, just in case we lose this one.”
The series, a joint production of the cablenet and the American Museum of Natural History, begins as a special Monday (Dec. 15), and continues as a four-part series beginning on Earth Day 2015 (April 22). It features kids concerned with the future of the environment passionately sharing their views on the world they will one day inherit, with subjects ranging from endangered species to climate change. Along the way, there are songs, activism and tips for protecting the planet – all from the kids themselves.
“They all had strong feelings about it,” Amy Schatz, the series’ director, tells Zap2it. “One little boy says, ‘It’s our generation’s challenge.’ We hear it over and over again in the film. … One little girl says that we’re ancestors of the many generations to come. We have a chance to fix this world for the better. And you get that sense that the kids are here to lead the way, and I feel like it’s a hopeful collection of stories because of them, and I feel really lucky that this generation is here to influence the world for the better, and they seem to be really rising to the challenge.”
Schatz and the series’ makers found their young subjects by putting out a call soliciting video messages from children all over the world, to which they received 2,000 responses. Some were eye-opening and remarkably informed.
“We culled through them,” she says, “and it was just a beautiful collection of both optimism and concern and a sense of urgency that the kids actually can take on this subject as their generation’s issues.”
“I think that when kids speak from the heart, everybody can learn something from it and can hear something. If you listen carefully enough to kids, you can hear some thoughtful and smart and deep content. And I think that it is kids talking to kids but it’s kids talking to all of us and it’s up to us to listen.”
Posted by:George Dickie