kerry washington scandal s4 winter premiere abc 'Scandal': Where is Olivia Pope?After the “Scandal” fall finale, there was only one question on everyone’s minds — Where in the world is Olivia Pope? All through the hiatus Gladiators have been on the edge of their seats for the big episode, where it would finally be revealed just what happened to Olivia. The teases were rampant that the winter premiere would hold the truth. 

Shonda Rhimes told the Hollywood Reporter it was her favorite episode of TV she has ever done and even Scott Foley promised Zap2it fans would have answers come Jan. 29. Well, while viewers definately saw Olivia and her capturers and a lot happened in the episode, no one actually can say they know where Olivia is. 
Here’s what we do know about Olivia’s whereabouts and abduction:
1. When Olivia was taken she was about to have sex with Jake on a piano. Also she was first held in an apartment right across the hall from her very own. Of course, Jake had no idea she was right under his nose and ran out in the street shirtless (yes, please) looking for her.
jake shirtless scandal 'Scandal': Where is Olivia Pope?
2. Papa Pope didn’t have anything to do with Olivia’s disappearance, that is certain. Huck tells Jake although Rowan is not to blame, it was definitely the work of a pro because of how quickly they got her out without anyone noticing. 
3. Olivia’s kidnappers are revealed and it is a group of masked men who have been watching her every move. 
olivia pope kidnapped 'Scandal': Where is Olivia Pope?
4. When Olivia wakes up in a cell, she is not alone. She befriends her cell mate who introduces himself as Ian McCloud (Jason Butler Harner), a journalist. If he seemed shady from the get go, it is because he is. It turns out he is the leader of the whole operation. The fact that he checked Olivia’s body for a tracking device should have been her first clue. 
5. Olivia’s capture location provokes her to have sexy dreams about Fitz and Vermont that will make everyone want to pack up and start selling jam. 
olivia fitz vermont dream scandal 'Scandal': Where is Olivia Pope?
6. When Olivia finds out Ian is running the show he uses her cell-mate friendship against her. Maybe telling him she was the love of the president’s life wasn’t the best idea. 
7. At Olivia’s new residence her bathroom breaks are five minutes and her kidnappers are super strict about that. 
8. The only thing really known about Liv’s current location is that sadly, freedom does not lay behind the red door. It turns out she is in a warehouse somewhere with a fake outside on a green screen that looks like a movie set of Sudan. 
So that about sums up what is known about her whereabouts. So seriously, where in the world is Olivia Pope?
Posted by:Sarah Huggins