Cornelius Smith Jr. as Marcus Walker on Scandal

The Gladiators have found a new savior, and just in time. As Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) public image goes up in smoke, Marcus Walker (Cornelius Smith Jr.) is recruited to save the day.

Walker first appeared in Season 4 during “Scandal’s” police shooting episode in which he articulately lead a protest against the Washington D.C. police force that stopped them from covering up a wrongful death. Unfortunately, Walker was sleeping with the Mayor’s wife which stopped him from a career in politics and seemed to end his tenure on “Scandal” period.

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Instead, Walker happens to be exactly what the Gladiators, and “Scandal” need right now. While Olivia is making out with Fitz in elevators and going on dates — trying to make their White House affair into a regular relationship — Walker is changing the course of conversation on news channels.

He’s making the larger point, which is that when men of prominence are caught with their pants down it’s the women they did it with that get dragged through the mud. “Scandal” is trying to say something about sexism in mainstream media. While it would be more ideal for Olivia to be the one saying it, it’s better to have the message there than not at all.

From a plot perspective, Walker also brings in new blood to help invigorate the Gladiators as they try to rebuild in the path of their biggest scandal yet.

“Scandal” continues Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Megan Vick