“Mythbusters” is back, but with Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman gone, the show needs two new hosts. The solution? Hold a nationwide competition to bust some myths, of course.

Now that the Science Channel plans to reboot Discovery’s popular “Mythbusters” series, they’re facing the problem of how to revitalize the show, while still keeping to the format that people love: busting myths. A competition series seems like the way to go.

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While the old format will stay the same once the show airs, the Science Channel first has to find replacement hosts, so they’re inviting fans of the show to create submission videos, auditioning for one of 15 spots in a competition to find the next team of mythbusters.

Applicants are encouraged to be “people who have building skills and are naturally inquisitive,” but the content of their submission can be anything and everything they want. The sky is the limit.

Obviously more than a few of the most popular myths have already been debunked by Adam and Jamie, but there are a bunch that we’d like to see these news potential hosts try their hand at. Here are some suggestions for any “Mythbusters” hopefuls to bust in your submission videos.

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Rapunzel, let down your hair

rapunzelfryingpantwirl Mythbusters reborn: 5 myths the Science Channel reboot should tackle

Most guys see the prince climbing up Rapunzel’s tower using only her hair as a rope and think, “Cool!” Most girls see it and think, “Owww!” But assuming there are enough hair extensions in the world to make this possible, is there really a pain free way to pull this off? Or is the idea of Rapunzel’s rescue just too ludicrous to ever be possible?

Celery has negative calories

giphy 23 Mythbusters reborn: 5 myths the Science Channel reboot should tackle

Girls on diets might want to kill you for busting this one, but it seems too good to be true. As the theory goes, your body actually burns more calories digesting celery than the healthy veggie contains in a certain number of stalks, meaning that it essentially has a negative calorie count. Have at it, mythbusters!

Indiana Jones’ sand bag trick

giphy 14 Mythbusters reborn: 5 myths the Science Channel reboot should tackle

You’ve all seen the trick. Indiana Jones has to remove the golden idol with a bag of sand without setting off any kind of ancient alarms or triggers. Assuming you upgrade to today’s standards of security, it gets even harder. Can the weight distribution trick work? If so, how fast does it need to happen? Bust that myth!

Don’t swallow your gum

giphy11 Mythbusters reborn: 5 myths the Science Channel reboot should tackle

Every kid hears it at least once: “Don’t swallow that gum, it takes 7 years to get through your body.” Talk about scaring the fun out of chewing your Dubble Bubble. This one has got to be false, but figuring out a way to prove it would be both inventive and pretty gross.

Lucid dreaming shortcuts

giphy 31 Mythbusters reborn: 5 myths the Science Channel reboot should tackle

The idea of being totally aware that you’re in a dream could be either awesome or horrifying, but some people are desperate to do it. There are tons of websites and books on how to achieve lucid dreaming with tricks from exercises to perform to “lucid foods” to drugs. But do any of them really work? This may be the toughest myth to bust but hey, it’s 2016. It’s time to think outside the box!

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