scorpion happy 1 Happys work with the Scorpion team may be hazardous to her health

Using the 2016 election season as its jumping off point, “Scorpion” went all-in on Monday (Nov. 7) with a hacking scandal that directly pointed back to China as America’s big bad.

The episode, aptly titled “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Vote,” revealed a covert plot by Chinese hackers to squander the number of votes received, with the aim of throwing America into chaos. Why you ask? Due to rising water levels — a roundabout way of referencing climate change, we guess — the country wants access to travel through a strait forming through Antarctica. As if we haven’t heard enough about trade deals in the real world!

A major hurdle is dealt the Scorpion team early on in their investigation, as Walter (Elyes Gabel) is held behind by the FBI due to his immigration status. But while the team is out to right China’s wrongs, their fearless leader gets to spend some quality time with Paige’s (Katharine McPhee) son, Ralph. Their bonding proves more than useful as their science-based teamwork leads them out of captivity and into the race to save those missing votes.

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scorpion happy 2 Happys work with the Scorpion team may be hazardous to her health

In the end, all the votes are recovered — one more win for Scorpion! — and through some surprise back channels, Walter finally is granted U.S. citizenship. But while he sits behind and yearns for another chance at romance with Paige, we learn things aren’t all fine and dandy with Happy (Jadyn Wong) and Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas). Completely certain she was pregnant, Happy was about finished with the construction of a high-tech baby crib.

It’s after her medical checkup, however, that she learns her pregnancy was a false positive caused by cadmium poisoning. Blaming it on solar panels she was previously working on, we have to wonder if the life she so desperately wants — one that redeems her orphaned upbringing — will ever come to pass. After all, it seems that her work with Scorpion has directly effected her health.

We have a feeling things will work out, though, as Toby has proven once more that he’s a man of dignity and patience. Getting down on one knee (again), he presented her with the ring — this time, in an official capacity. And this time, she officially gave a resounding yes. Will the two ever find their happily ever after? Only time will tell.

“Scorpion” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.


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