Scott Porter (“Friday Night Lights”) is joining “Scorpion” for the remainder of the season as Tim Armstrong, a new protege for Cabe (Robert Patrick) who wants to learn from the assembled team of geniuses. But it does not go unnoticed that Armstrong, a former Navy SEAL injured in combat, is smart in his own right and also easy on the eyes. When he was cast, Porter says “Waige” fans were immediately concerned.

“The day it was announced that I was playing Tim Armstrong on the show and I might come between Walter and Paige, I got inundate with tweets like ‘Stay away from Waige!’ ‘Don’t you dare do it!’ As though I was coming in to set their world on fire on purpose,” says Porter with a laugh, adding that the fans’ concerns might be valid.

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“[Armstrong and Paige] might have a little bit of a connection. I think if you take Paige outside of Team Scorpion, Tim is the guy you’d hope she would end up with,” says Porter. “She’s such a  good person and she’s been dealt a little bit of an off deck. He is the perfect guy for her, if you take her outside of Scorpion. But opposites attract and she and Walter have a very strong connection, you can’t deny it. But Tim, when he comes in, he’s intrigued by Paige.”

However, Porter wants viewers to know that Armstrong isn’t some jerk who just there for a love connection. He’s there to learn — and if there is a love connection with Paige, it’s going to be “organic.”

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“He joins Team Scorpion because he’s very, very interested in who they are and what they do, how smart they are and how they solve problems. He wants to learn from them,” says Porter. “Tim starts to build little relationships with each character. If that leads anywhere with Paige … I don’t think Tim would be against that.

“That being said, he doesn’t want to step on any toes. He’ll take full stock of the situation in front of him and make sure he asks the appropriate people about it before moving forward. There’s an awareness with Tim of how the team interacts. What he doesn’t want to do is be the block in the Jenga tower that you pull and it all falls down. He wants to add to it.”

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