olympics scotty lago zap2it Scotty Lago racy photo controversy: Leave Olympic village or be thrown out!Snowboarder Scotty Lago‘s racy pictures of a fan kneeling to kiss his bronze medal that surfaced on the Internet led to his dismal from Olympic Village. But Lago did not go gently back to New Hampshire.
Sure, he apologized formally for a lapse in judgment to the USSA. But TMZ reports that the US Olympic committee allegedly told him that if he did not leave, they would make him leave. 

]]>The “racy photos” can be viewed at TMZ via Splashnewsonline.com. He was reportedly given the option of leaving quietly and voluntarily or risk being formally ejected. So he left before the Closing Ceremony. 

Now he can’t say anything more about the incident until March 3. He’s officially in a blackout period.
“He did something pretty foolish, but it’s nothing illegal,” Lago’s father, Michael, said from his New Hampshire home. “No one’s hurt. That’s really all that matters to me.”
The Dish Rag suspects the US Olympic Committee is still reeling from Michael Phelps‘ bong hit photos taken at a party. 
Do you think officials forced him to leave? Can you blame them? Or did they overreact?

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