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Now that the truth has been revealed and viewers know Hester Ulrich (Lea Michele) was the Red Devil killer on “Scream Queens,” what happens next? Seeing as Hester got away with murder, there’s one place that it would be fun to see her pop up: “How to Get Away with Murder.”

After her character was able to avoid any sort of punishment for her crimes — except for that whole missing eye thing — Michele thinks doing a little studying under the great Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is appropriate.

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“I got away with murder! Annalise Keating!” Michele declares excitedly to Zap2it. “Maybe we should do a spinoff where Hester goes to ‘How To Get Away with Murder.’ She gets a one-on-one lesson from Annalise Keating and the kids there.”

While that particular flight of whimsy may not come to pass, don’t think you’ve seen the last of Hester. Though Michele doesn’t know many details about a possible Season 2 just yet, she says, “I hear Ryan [Murphy] said he wants to bring a whole new killer in. So I’ll get to be there and I guess just be keeping the secret of the year before and everything I did.”

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That secret is a big one for Hester to keep hiding and one Michele didn’t know about herself until the last possible second.

“I found out when I got the final script and when she says that it was me,” the actress reveals. “Ryan is definitely — you can get things out of him from time to time, but he was really good with this. I figured, having known him and Brad [Falchuk] and Ian [Brennan] for so many years that if it was me that they’d tell me, but they didn’t.”

She did have her own theory about who the mysterious killer on the series was, though.

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I thought it was Oliver Hudson. Obviously the Red Devil was super tall and manly,” Michele says. “But then it was weird because there was one thing they started doing towards the end. They had a young girl start dressing as the Red Devil. I though, ‘Oh God, are they messing with our heads? Is it Grace?'”

Still, at no point during production did she think her character would be unmasked as a murder. “I just kept thinking they were going to kill me off and I was devastated every week, freaking out about it,” Michele admits. “I was so focused on that that I wasn’t focused on that I could be the killer.”

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