“I think it’s bloodier and funnier,” says executive producer Ian Brennan during Friday’s (July 22) Comic Con panel to talk the second season of the FOX series “Scream Queens.” “I feel like we’re leaning into the creepiness a little more and the comedy a little more.”

The action is moving from the Kappa house and jumping three years into the future where we find out the cast is in a hospital that just happens to be owned by a familiar face. “Dean Munsch parlays her fame as an icon in the movement called New Feminism and her subsequent book tour and parlays that money and purchases a hospital,” Brennan says. The hospital is also a former asylum but, he confirmed, not the same hospital seen at the end of season one.

Along with Brennan, returning cast members Jamie Lee Curtis (Munsch), Emma Roberts (Chanel), Abigail Breslin (Libby), Billie Lourd (Sadie), Keke Palmer (Zayday), Lea Michele (Hester) and new cast members John Stamos (Brock Holt) and Taylor Lautner (Cassidy Cascade) were present for the panel. Glen Powell (Chad Radwell) will also be returning, though he wasn’t in San Diego.

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For Stamos, joining the cast as the hospital head of surgery was a no-brainer given he’d already appeared on “Glee” and “The New Normal” (both series executive produced by Brennan, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk). After the cancellation of his sitcom “Grandfathered,” he talked to Brennan, who explained a bit about the character he had in mind for him: “‘You play a doctor but you’re going to be the recipient of the first complete hand transplant.” The origins of that hand, however, will be one of the many questions in the new season.

Also entering the “Scream Queens” world is Taylor Lautner, who said he was excited to join the series. “It’s completely different for me,” says the “Twilight” star. “I’ve never done anything like this, and I just wanted to work with talented people.”

Besides the additions of Stamos and Lautner, it was announced earlier today that former “Arrow”/”Teen Wolf” star Colton Haynes would appear in the new season. A “Saturday Night Live” star is also set to guest star as a patient in the hospital.

As for the Chanels, who dominated the Kappa house in the first season, the mean girls are not exactly where we saw them previously. “They have fallen from glamour but they’re trying to hold onto it,” reveals Roberts. “It’s really funny to see them try to hold onto their style when they have no money and they have to work, which is something completely foreign to them.”

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But what about Hester, who was revealed to be the killer at the end of season one? “When we come back, we don’t know where Hester is,” Michele says. “It’s great when you find out.”

While Brennan would not comment on whether the new season’s storyline would be linked to the baby mystery in the first season, he did say, “We’re in the same world, the same universe.”

Roberts, who had appeared on the Coven season of “American Horror Story,” was asked if she might also appear in the upcoming season of the FX horror show. “I think that there might be [a chance]…now we’re both in LA so maybe,” she says. “I love that show so much.”

Season 2 of “Scream Queens” premieres on Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

Posted by:Jim Halterman, Variety