As we gear up for “Scream” Season 2, it’s time to meet the new kids in town, a.k.a the likeliest suspects for this years’ murderer. After all, Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) seemed like she was just an innocent new face until she pulled a knife on you.

Zap2it spoke with the Season 1 citizens of Lakewood, Willa Fitzgerald, Amadeus Serafini and John Karna, about these characters and just what they might bring to the table.

The three newest additions to Lakewood High are Zoe (Kiana Lede), Gustavo (Santiago Segura) and Eli (Sean Grandillo), all of whom have a few secrets fueling the mystery this season on “Scream.”

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According to Willa Fitzgerald, Zoe has always been a citizen of Lakewood, but she was conveniently out of town during Piper’s murder spree in Season 1.

“Zoe’s like one of those people who Emma was always aware of. Emma and Zoe and Noah are probably at the top of their class academically, so they all were aware of each other and probably like friendly rivals,” Fitzgerald says. “She’s in some ways a really unique character because she didn’t go through the hell that all of us went through, so she’s kind of a refuge at times for Emma and an interesting new relationship because she doesn’t come with the baggage that everyone else does.”

We can only hope Zoe’s lack of baggage and friendly rivalry translates as well with Noah as it does with Emma.

After all, John Karna says there might be some forward movement in the romantic department for everyone’s favorite horror buff. “Things definitely happen for old Noah this season,” Karna says. “Things are definitely percolating, for sure, in the sexiest way possible.”

As for Gustavo, integrating into a new town and school might not be so easy for the new sheriff’s son, especially when he’s kind of an off-putting kid to begin with.

“Naturally the sheriff’s son is also in class,” Karna says. “He’s new. He’s the new kid and he’s a real dark guy … He’s a real dark dude, and no one really knows where he’s coming from.”

A dark new character (and the sheriff’s son to boot) might sound like a red herring in a classic horror film, but “Scream” has been known to break the mold, so we’re planning to keep our eye on Gustavo — especially when it comes to who he has his eye on.

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Finally we reach Eli, who as it turns out, is Keiran’s (Amadeus Serafini) cousin. Eli comes to town on the heels of Kieran’s father’s death, but don’t expect these two to form a happy family right away.

Eli’s arrival in town will shake up the dynamic between Kieran and his friends, as we learn more about where Kieran comes from and why he’s been so shady. “We know very little about Atlanta and Kieran’s background in Season 1,” Serafinis says. “You’re going to learn more this time around.”

As for Emma, we might just see Eli turn her into the third point on a new love triangle, if she’s not careful.

“Emma definitely meets Eli in a mysterious and slightly nerve-wracking way, I would say, which kind of sets up the course that their relationship is going to take, which is definitely a very winding road,” Fitzgerald says. “What draws Emma to Eli is the fact that he wasn’t around last year, which means that he doesn’t feel like he needs to handle Emma with kid gloves.”

“Scream” premieres Monday (May 30th) at 11 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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