“Scream” Season 2 is over halfway complete and the suspects continue to dwindle. After Tuesday’s (July 5) episode, “Jeepers Creeper,” we think we can be reasonably sure one of our remaining suspects is in the clear … and we have an interesting theory on another one.

4. Kieran, 20-1

We can’t yet be 100 percent certain that Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) isn’t the killer, but there are a few things with the way the most recent episode was edited that seem to cross him off the list.

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First, at the carnival, when Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) was being chased by the killer and ran into Noah (John Karna) and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), suddenly Kieran just appeared out of nowhere. You’re obviously supposed to think that he ditched the Brandon James costume to pretend like he followed Emma there out of concern. But it feels like such an obvious “HE’S THE KILLER” arrow in flashing neon that we think Kieran was being truthful — he really was there to keep Emma safe and the killer is someone else.

Secondly, it sort of looked as though at the time the killer was tormenting Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo), Kieran was busy talking to Sheriff Acosta. Now, that may not be the case — the editing is left open to interpretation, presumably on purpose; Kieran certainly could have donned the costume and cut off Branson’s hand after talking to the sheriff. But we don’t think so.

3. Ms. Lang, 10-1

Try this on for size — Lang (Austin Highsmith) is the one tormenting Branson, but she’s not the killer. She’s so mad at him over Brooke (Carlson Young) that she is using the killer’s costume as her cover to unleash her “Fatal Attraction” brand of crazy on her boyfriend.

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2. Eli, 5-1

Kieran’s cousin Eli (Sean Grandillo) was conspicuously absent from the entire episode. Which means he was completely free to run around town as the killer. He’s awfully suspicious, but he still cannot trump …

1. Haley, 2-1

As far as we’re concerned, Haley (Mary Katherine Duhon) is guilty until proven innocent. It’s so weird how she’s just always lurking around on the periphery with some kind of hateful vendetta against the Lakewood Six. Plus there have been whole episodes she’s not in, which, like we said for Eli, is the perfect way to explain the killer’s actions.

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