The latest “Scream” episode, “Let the Right One In,” was one of the best of the season so far. It introduced a couple new suspects, shed the tiniest bit of light on a mystery that hasn’t been mentioned in weeks and seemingly eliminated a suspect.

But be warned: Don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

So … RIP, Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo). You were a dirty lech, but having your hands sawed off and cauterized with an iron, then getting stabbed, then burning to death in a house fire is … a little extreme.

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But Branson’s death seems to have eliminated Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith). The killer attacked her and in a much more convincing manner than when the killer “attacked” Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) in Season 1. It seems legit.

But even with Ms. Lang dropping out, there are a couple new suspects on Zap2it’s radar.

4. Sheriff Acosta, 25-1

anthony ruivivar suspects his son santiago segura being scream Scream Season 2 killer odds: 1 suspect eliminated, but 2 more pop up

Up until episode 2×07, the new sheriff (Anthony Ruivar) seemed like mostly a good guy. Sure, he wanted Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) to spy for him, but it felt like he genuinely had good intentions behind that move.

However, it now turns out that he and Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) are keeping some kind of secret and it has to do with Brandon James, the farm and Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) as a little girl. There aren’t yet enough details to figure it all out, but it’s enough to say that he could be the killer. It would also be a way to bring Emma’s dad (Tom Everett Scott) back into the mix, as he obviously grew up with the sheriff and Maggie.

The only reason Acosta’s not higher on the list is because that just doesn’t feel like the answer yet. The Brandon James thing is related, but that doesn’t make him a killer. But we’ve got our eye on the good ol’ sheriff.

3. Kieran, 20-1

Kieran cannot be eliminated as a suspect yet, but it really feels like the show is trying too hard to make you suspect him, which means it’s NOT him.

The person sneaking around outside the model home who presumably set the fire inside? The show wants you to think it’s a jealous Kieran. But we have another theory about that, which we’ll get to in a minute.

2. Zoe, 10-1

Little miss smarty pants finally did something interesting in this episode and it made her seem uber-suspicious. When Zoe (Kiana Brown) told Noah (John Karna) about her emotional breakdown and absence from school during the whole fall slaughter-fest, it threw up an immediate red flag.

What if Zoe did have an emotional break, but instead of getting help, her absence was really her sneaking around as Piper’s accomplice?

Now, it’s probably not Zoe, because as we pointed out in episode 3, she was at the movie theater with a bunch of other people at the time the killer was in the motel videotaping Emma. The only way it’s Zoe is if she’s working with someone.

That could be the case, but if two people are working together, we think it’s much more likely to be …

1. Haley & Eli, 2-1

sean grandillo willa fitzgerald scream season 2 Scream Season 2 killer odds: 1 suspect eliminated, but 2 more pop up

Check this theory out — Eli (Sean Grandillo) is Piper’s original accomplice for some unknown reason that the show will presumably let viewers in on at some point. Haley (Mary Katherine Duhon) is Piper’s relative (sister, niece, cousin, whatever) and she’s out for revenge against the Lakewood Six. They somehow met up and continued on Piper’s original vision.

The model home has been their lair so far, which is why Branson and Eddie’s (Chase McCleery Bouchie) bodies were in the bathtub. But Haley saw Eli bring Emma there and flew into a jealous rage, which is why she tried to burn them alive in a house fire.

Not bad, right? Also, it’s really starting to feel like there are two killers running around. There’s just too much going on for there not to be. And if that is the case, that opens the door to some suspects we’ve previously eliminated …

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