As we gear up for Season 2 of “Scream,” it seems like all of our characters are adrift. None more so than Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), who is still reeling from the revelations about her mother, her sister and the killings that happened in Lakewood.

If recent MTV trailers are to be believed, Emma has gone a little off her rocker, so Zap2it sat down with Fitzgerald to confirm just where Emma’s mental state is at these days. We also managed to get some scoop on Emma’s relationship with Kieran and whether or not we should be worried about Brandon James’ big brother Troy.

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Zap2it: How do you think Emma has changed since the finale to now?

Willa Fitzgerald: Well the [premiere] episode starts with her coming back after having been at PTSD camp – that’s what it’s called – for several weeks. Clearly she’s had a nervous breakdown after everything that happened last season, and that has caused her mom to think that the best course of action was to send her away for a little bit to kind of regroup and hopefully get some coping strategies.

So she’s coming back incredibly vulnerable because, essentially she’s tried to repress and suppress all the things that she’s been feeling so she can get home more quickly. So she’s trying to normalize really fast, which then leads to her realizing pretty quickly that she really isn’t over everything that happened last season, and that’s still going to be a huge ghost that she’s going to have to deal with.

Is that going to be triggered even more when a new killer comes to town and starts murdering people?

I bet. Yeah, totally, she obviously is just trying to get back to normal, so even every day things and conversations can trigger inappropriate or upsetting responses from her given what she’s been through. I think that as soon as she starts to realize that everything is happening again, she obviously kind of freaks out at first, but then that is actually what will ultimately help her gain her confidence back and her ability to deal with the situations she’s facing, as once again, her friends and loved ones are threatened.

Given what Emma’s been going through, do you think she’s going have a thicker skin this season?

Yeah, she starts the season off very vulnerable, trying to get everything together, and I think that as soon as she realizes what’s happening — that there’s another killer, and the killer is doing the same thing that he did last time – it really just kicks her into gear, and she has to step up because she was the one who dealt with it last time.

I think she feels uniquely responsible for everything that’s going on and therefore, she’s the only one that can stop it.

What about Emma and Kieran? Are they going to try to work things out?

I think that in coming back home and in trying to get back to normal, throughout the season Emma is just constantly trying to hold on to the people who she really cares about and the people who meant so much to her last season – the people who didn’t die last season [laughs]. I think you see at the beginning of Season 2 that all of the friendships have really strengthened within the Lakewood 6, whereas before there were some more disparate groups. Everyone really came together after that and Emma’s kind of rejoining that group.

But Kieran’s (Amadeus Serafini) really the person who she’s talked to the most, even if it hasn’t been that much while she was away, and that relationship is a real touchstone for her and a real source of comfort and security, which also makes it an incredibly difficult situation for both of them because she needs a lot from that relationship, and Kieran needs a lot from that relationship, and that’s a high ask for any relationship, especially a high school one.

Can you talk about Brandon James’ brother and how that plays into things?

Troy James is a character that we only ever mentioned briefly last season, and we always knew that it was Brandon’s brother and that my mom had some relationship with him as well. This season we kind of really jump right into that from the get-go … it definitely is going to play a huge role in future episodes [and] future seasons.

Recent promos have suggested that Emma might have suffered a psychological break and she could be the killer. Do you think that’s possible?

Yeah, definitely. I mean, there’s definitely a shift in the way that the killer communicates with Emma, and there’s definitely some things to suggest that things may not be as they seem, that what Emma’s believes may not be the truth, that she might be once again having difficulty figuring out what’s real and what’s not.

How would you describe this season in comparison to last season?

I think this season’s going to kick some butt!

Not that last season wasn’t exciting and terrifying and really innovative, but I think this season is just pushing past its precursor and forging into new territory, and I think it’s just going to be so good. The writing has been so good, the directing has been so good, the new characters are really exciting. It’s just more of what it was last season but better, newer, stronger.


“Scream” premieres Monday, May 30 on MTV.

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