No need to send out a search party for “Search Party” — it’s coming back for a Season 2 in 2017.

We desperately hope the sophomore season can live up to the very high bar the first season set — it’s actually such a nerve-wracking proposition that we were on the fence about renewal. That’s how good Season 1 was.

But we will be there for every second of Season 2, and we even have a wishlist at the ready.

Keith’s murder

Keith’s (Ron Livingston) death in the Season 1 finale was tense and action-packed — then took a turn when Dory (Alia Shawkat) and Co. realized he didn’t kill Chantal (Clare McNulty) and that she was, in fact, fine. Not that he wasn’t a creepy psycho who full-on attacked Dory, but still — Dory felt pretty sick about what they had done.

So — as “Downton Abbey’s” inimitable Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) said, “I hate Greek drama, when everything happens off stage” — Season 2 of “Search Party” better not pick up with the aftermath of Keith’s death a thing of the past that we learn about through exposition.

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How unsatisfying would that be? More importantly, how satisfying would it be to watch the four main characters try to cover up a homicide? Who would crumble under the pressure and fold in on themselves? Who would get hysterical? And who would keep his or her head?

Based on the dominatrix improv Portia (Meredith Hagner) pulled off on “Nanny Daddy” Chuck (William Ragsdale), our money is on her taking charge. Plus, her work on that terrible crime show might have taught her a few things about forensics! (But probably not.)

search party meredith hagner Search Party is coming back and we have a Season 2 wish list at the ready

Gail cameos

One of the best side plots of the first season was Dory’s job as personal assistant to bored, wealthy Gail — shout-out to Christine Taylor for being absolutely fabulous in the role.

When last we saw her, Gail seemed dangerously close to OD’ing on pills and wine with no one around to help her, so we hope she survived and that Dory finds reasons to keep popping in on Gail in Season 2.

Figure out Julian’s role

Julian (Brandon Micheal Hall) played an important role in the first episode or so, giving us a peek into Dory’s life past her current friends and also throwing in some good tension with current boyfriend Drew (John Reynolds) — but after that, every time he showed up it felt a little forced. He was too important to Dory’s life to be a tertiary character, but he wasn’t involved enough in the show to be part of the core group. So either the show needs to get him more involved with the core four, or they need to dispense with the character altogether.

A mystery

This one is a tall order and perhaps we are setting our expectations too high at even wanting it. But there have been plenty of shows about 20- and 30-something wanderers that expertly walk the line between comedy and drama. “Search Party” took that a step further by introducing a mystery to the mix and it made the show that much richer.

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We aren’t sure how the creators would pull it off — perhaps covering up Keith’s death will entangle the core four in something? — but if you had told us before “Search Party” that someone could turn “Girls” into a hype, bleeding-edge murder mystery, we could have looked at you like you were insane.

So if anyone can do it, it’s creators Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers and Michael Showalter.

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